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Born with 1 kidney, difficulties finding premium protein products backed by science + effective workouts based on anatomy; I created a purposeful brand to help you become your best! Join our community + thrive!

It's the norm in protein supplements to use ingredients such as artificial flavors, sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and preservatives. Being born with 1 kidney, I've experienced firsthand the critical need to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, a significant concern in the fitness industry is the prevalence of unqualified individuals working as personal trainers.

Encountering challenges in finding top-tier protein products without artificial additives or preservatives, along with witnessing the impact of unqualified trainers, fueled my passionate purpose to create my own solutions.

That's why at Brie's, we're addressing these needs head-on. Our protein products are rigorously 3rd party tested and made with real ingredients + no preservatives, catering to those who prioritize clean eating + health. Additionally, we offer intellectually sequenced workout programs led by nationally certified trainers, ensuring results-driven, safe + efficient fitness journeys.

I stand by the impact of consuming pure, high-quality ingredients and avoiding anything artificial or preserved. Combine this with intellectually curated workout programs, and you'll feel and see the distinctiveness of Brie's approach!

From my health to yours, Brie