Brie's Story

Being born with 1 kidney, organ health is always on my mind. Frustrated with the bars on the market (low-grade ingredients marketed as "high quality" and "clean") I developed Brie's Bars as a genuine healthy alternative for myself, but the popularity among friends + family convinced me that I wasn't the only one searching for a premium quality bar... and just like that, Brie's was born!

I believe in the power of consuming clean, premium quality ingredients, nothing artificial and no preservatives.

Brie's products are backed by advanced quality assurance testing. 

 Keeping organ health and cellular health in mind was my priority when developing Brie's Bars because what you eat and drink affects your organs, fat to muscle ratio, performance, and overall wellbeing! I have a passion for healthy living and it's the driving force behind everything I do personally and professionally. Through Brie's I've been able to package up my passion and beach loving good vibes! 

From my health to yours, Brie 

Brie's is a personal brand built on passion, integrity, authenticity, and transparency. Learn more about Brie below. 

 Brie's core values aren't about persuasive marketing, they are a lifestyle, values that Brie believes in.